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MORTAL$7.49 Purchase VOYAGER$14.99Purchase CHRONO$29.99Purchase TIMELORD$49.99Purchase ELDER$64.99Purchase
In-game name color Purple Blue Yellow Red Green
Time Vaults 2 4 6 8 15
Homes 4 7 13 15 20
Cash on purchase $20,000 $60,000 $175,000 $275,000 $500,000
McMMO on purchase 100 250 500 700 1000
Auction Slots 2 3 4 5 6
TP Cooldown
Unique Donor Kit
Break Spawners
Clear Inventory (/ci)
Player Time (/ptime)
Shop Anywhere (/shop)
Chat Items ([item])
Feed Yourself (/feed)
Wear Blocks! (/hat)
/kit diamond
Auto Fill Dispensers (/tntfill)
Convert items to blocks (/blocks)
Craft Anywhere (/craft)
Extinguish Yourself (/ext)
See nearbly players (/near)
FLY in Wilderness (/fly)
Summon Lightning (/smite)
Sell Anywhere (/sell hand)
Fix item in your hand (/fix hand)
Fix your entire inventory (/fix all)
Check Last Logins (/seen)
Heal Yourself (/heal)
Get cannon materials (/kit cannon)
Auto pot-up (/pvp)
Go off the radar (/invis)
Get Potion Materials (/kit potion)
Frequently Asked Questions

I purchased something. How long does it take to appear in-game?

It can take up to 30 minutes for something to appear in-game. If after this time you haven't received your items, please contact us via our forums or discord!

I had a rank on the original TimelessPVP - Can I get it back?

Unfortunately as the servers are owned by different people we are unable to efficiently manage rank transfers, and the server needs to make money to stay running, which would be almost impossible with rank transfers.

Can I buy a rank for a friend?

Yep! Click Gift this Package when buying anything for a friend and we'll give it to them whilst crediting you for the purchase.

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