Exploiting Glitches

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Apr 27, 2018
IGN : Lukebix
Banned By : Isa
Reason : Exploiting Glitches/Bugs
Duration : Perm

Reason I should be unbanned: Yes I am admitting to abusing the two bugs. The first being the salvaging diamond dupe exploit (Reported to Phil, Bear, and Isa) and the CE duplication glitch (Reported to Isa). I did not abuse the glitch passed me finding how on how it worked and reporting it to the proper staff. Once I reported the glitch to the staff I did not touch or attempt to exploit the glitch again. The whole reason I was banned was for exposing the following players in public chat for abusing the glitches. None of the names are lies and these people did abuse the glitch knowing it was a glitch : WhiteMilkShake, Tdawg4, Hell__Bound, Joey_, and myself. I did not abuse the exploit passed the point of me figuring out how they worked and reporting them. I cannot say the same for the rest of the people that did it. I really didn't do a whole lot wrong in the first place and I feel as though I shouldn't have been banned at all. I realize my staff application is/will be denied because of this ban. I do not personally think I should be denied though since I did nothing wrong. I was just honest in exposing Anonymous for the wrong they have done to gain an unfair advantage on the server. I hope you will unban me and not deny my staff application.



Wumbology Expert
Mar 30, 2018
Yes, I'm aware of you reporting them and appreciate it. Due to us having many things going on, we didn't get to them straight away. We're sorry for that part, but in order for me to unban, I would need everyone who abused to give up the items/money they got from the glitches/bugs. If you agree to doing so, I'll set the ban to 3 days for everyone who took part in this. If anything like this happens again, we're sadly going to have to go with perm. Is that do-able?